Electric après-ski spells more slope time with PainPod

Ski pro Cookie sounded surprised to stumble across a winner in the post-slopes pain relief stakes. He can’t get enough of the PainPod 3, and what he calls its ‘electric shock treatment’.  Watch Video 

ECT it isn’t. PainPod 3 actually works by delivering gentle electric bio-pulses into sore muscles and joints. (So, no jolts to the brain.) The beauty is that it’s drug-free, gives immediate relief and according to Cookie, is ‘really quick and easy’ to use. So you can ease away those post-slope aches and creaks as you relax with a well-earned Glühwein. And bingo, you’re pain-free for the early morning run.

Used by millions worldwide

Cookie’s enthusiastic eight out ten rating for the PainPod 3 brings the skiing and snowboarding fraternity a little late to the party. He may have 22 years’ slope action, but this self-declared sceptic has been missing a trick shared by millions. Because across three continents PainPod 3 has been changing outcomes for athletes and armchair enthusiasts alike, as the world’s leading drug-free biotherapy device.

You’re in the driving seat  

Cookie’s right though, it is phenomenally easy to ‘whack on a little sensor pad’ and let the PainPod do the work. How does it feel? Tingly is one description. Truth is, this leading-edge device puts you in the driving seat, giving you a choice of 12 different treatment modes and total control over pulse intensity too. You just select the mode that’s right for you at the time, from the pushing technique of a gentle massage through acupuncture to cupping, kneading and tapping therapy. Then finish off with the soothing unwind mode.

Beat pain and feel great

So how does PainPod 3 beat pain? It’s clever really. The pulses disrupt the neural transmission of signals from the pain receptors under your skin. Which means they block pain messages before they reach your brain and head them off at the pass. Equally good, PainPod stimulates the release of natural endorphins – your body’s own feel-good chemicals. So if the party lacks pizzazz, you can create your own natural high.

While actively treating those aches and pains

PainPod doesn’t just stop pain. While it stops your body complaining, it’s busy working away under the radar. First, PainPod’s biopulses stimulate myokine production and release. (These are the powerful hormones that trigger tissue regeneration and repair.) Next PainPod reduces tiredness and soreness by boosting vital nutrient delivery. And then, for good measure, it fast-flushes waste and lactic acid build-up by increasing blood flow to the areas you’ve targeted.

Back on the mountain quicker

With its iPhone type design, the fully guaranteed PainPod device retails at £317. An investment yes, but one that helps even our seasoned pro to ‘get back on the mountain a little bit quicker, with a few less aches and pains at the end of the day.’ Plus, with its multiple uses, this gadget is much more than a time-buyer on the slopes. It’s an effective year-round, drug-free treatment to improve warm ups, workouts and recovery as well as act on chronic pain.