From Strictly Come Dancing to Strict Recovery - Will Bayley's PainPod Journey

From Strictly to strict recovery

PainPod Brand Ambassador Will Bayley has recently been showing off his newly learnt dance skills to a nationwide audience on the BBC’s entertainment show ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’

Little did the PainPod Ambassador realise that his relationship with Results In Wellness (the exclusive provider of the PainPod) was about to move into a totally new dimension as the PainPod was now going to become pivotal in saving his Table Tennis career!

Will had to pull out of Strictly after sustaining a serious knee injury by jumping off a table!  Will, no stranger to jumping off tables, famously climbing and jumped off a tennis table after becoming a Paralympic Gold medal winner in Rio back in 2016. His memorable table jump was well received by his amused fans. However the jump landed Will in trouble with the officials, who handed him a yellow card. 

This time Will’s table jumping had a more serious consequence that could affect his long term career as a table tennis Paralympion and his performance at the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020.

Somehow the injury doesn’t seem to phase Will, who is equipped with an incredible resilient and positive mindset. Will tweeted his fans shortly after suffering the knee injury with the following upbeat message on Twitter:

“Update on injury guys. I have a full tear of my ACL not the best news, but this gives me a brilliant opportunity to work on other parts of my game that I could improve. I don’t see why I can’t be an even better play because of this! I will be back to fight in Tokyo!”

Will Bayley

Having been a PainPod Ambassador for only a few months the irony is not lost on Will that the PainPod (Forbes Home Healthcare Gadget of the year 2018/19) was now going to play a critical part in his own recovery.

Will, had become a PainPod ambassador back in the Spring of 2019 as he loved the benefits of the muscle massage and recovery the PainPod brought to his Table Tennis.  However, little did Will know back then that the PainPod and the PainPod M were now going to play a significant part the healing process of damaging his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

Will’s inspirational character probably stems back to him having spent the first years of his live in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Will was born with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that affected all of his limbs. He went through numerous painful operations from the age of only three months old. At the age of seven Will had to return to Great Ormond Street for chemotherapy when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Results in Wellness managed to catch up with positive minded Will, (who is a triple Paralympic, European and World champion and was awarded a prestigious MBE in 2017), to chat strictly come dancing to strict recovery. 

Tell us more about your recent experience on Strictly Come Dancing?

It was an incredible experience and a total privilege to be part of such a massive and well watched show. At times it felt surreal being part of Strictly. I had never danced before but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed learning the dance routines. My amazing professional dance partner Janette Manrara’s attitude was from the moment we met extremely supportive. Janette non stop motivated me. She believed in me and my ability to learn to dance. I absolutely loved learning the new dance routines. The first dance took us 5 long days of intense training. The last dance routine only took us a couple of days. Therefore we could concentrate more on the technical side of the dance routine, which I also thoroughly did enjoy.

What was your highlight and what was your low point whilst being on Strictly?

There were two highlight for me. The first one was the Quick Step, my first ever dance performance. My second highlight was the contemporary dance routine. The reaction from the Strictly crowd and on my Social Media platforms was phenomenal and overwhelming.

Picture is of Will using the PainPod 3 in his daily workout.

Has your life changed after appearing on Strictly? 

Not particularly apart from being recognised a lot more when I am out and about. The reaction of the public and on social media has been so positive. You really don’t realise how big shows like Strictly are and watched by so many.  Apart from being recognised more my life is pretty much the same. Overall Strictly has changed my life is a very positive way. 

How are you dealing the increased popularity?

I am thoroughly enjoying the increased popularity and recognition. It is nice when for example the other day I was shopping at a Brighton centre and strangers come up to you for a picture and show their support.

Has appearing on Strictly changed you? What have you learned? 

The experience has changed me in terms of being able to handle pressure much better. I have learnt new skills and know now I can perform under pressure. Learning new dance routines and performing in front of the Strictly audience and judges was something completely out of my comfort zone. It can be very intense as you are constantly in each other face. There was simply no time to deal with emotions. 

Tell me more about your recent injury and how it's affecting your life at at present?

I jumped off the table and landing full on on my knee and damaged the ACL ligament. At the moment I have physio every day for 4 hours. I am trying to avoid an operation as its too close to Tokyo to be able to fully recover after such a serious injury and operation. Although I am not often  in pain, my normal training regime is not possible at the moment. Therefore we are concentrating on strengthening all the muscles around the knee to keep my knee in place. According to the doctors this is possible. 

How is the PainPod helping you with your recovery from your injury? 

The PainPod has been religiously part of my every day life especially now with my intense physio. My Physios were delighted to find out I had the PainPod 3 and the PainPod M and were able to show me how to use the devices both in training and in my every day life.  The PainPod has helped to remove the pain and stimulate the muscles to strengthen them and the PainPod M has been incredible at working at the nerve level to encourage healing around my knee.

I use the PainPod 3 every day during my physio for strengthening.  I also have been using the device during weight training. And of course to recover better and faster. After training I normally use an ice and the PainPod combined, which has been very beneficial. 

PainPod Mi is tiny and very discreet to use and handy to take with you for example during travel, I have even used it when out for dinner with friends as it can work for up to 12 hours, you don't event notice it.

I also use the PainPod 3 on my feet to benefit my blood circulation. The danger of my knee injury is that the blood flow isn’t not working properly around the damaged knee. The PainPod has been proven to improve and stimulate blood circulation and has therefore been a real career saver. 

What’s is store for you in 2020?

My full focus is on getting over the knee injury and be ready for the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020.  I couldn't me more proud to be a PainPod ambassador as now I have first hand experience on how it has speeded up my recovery, improved circulation and reduced my pain.

Hopefully 2020 will be a defining year for my career and the PainPod.