Introducing Results in Wellness’ first brand ambassador dressage rider Izzy Chaplin

Introducing Results in Wellness’ first brand ambassador: dressage rider Izzy Chaplin

We’re excited to introduce one of the Results in Wellness’ new brand ambassadors  – Izzy Chaplin!  Based in Kent, 22-year-old accountant Izzy is a passionate and successful dressage rider.

Back in 2012 Izzy won the Intermediate Dressage Championships, followed by the Medium Young Rider Championship at the 2015 BYRDS. In 2018 Izzy became The Bedmax Young Scholar Of The Year. This year Izzy performed at Royal Windsor Horse Show with talented stallion Vincente II in front of the royal family, including the Queen and Prince Harry.

We spoke to Izzy about her passion, her proudest achievements and her experience so far using the PainPod Mi.

About Results in Wellness’ Brand Ambassador  – Izzy Chaplin

Izzy, tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion.

I am a Grand Prix dressage rider and a full-time accountant for PwC. I am currently competing with one horse, Vincente II (Vinnie), owned by Coral Ingham. We have been in a partnership for 3 years and working our way up from U21s to Grand Prix, which is the highest level there is.

 What does the average day in the life of Izzy look like?

As I work full time my day starts at 5:45am. I prefer to ride before work and I am normally at the yard between 6:15 and 6:30. This means that in the spring, I am able to ride and watch stunning sun rises. My training sessions differ depending on what I want to work on and the intensity, for example, preparing for a competition or just working on general fitness and suppleness. I’m usually ready to leave the yard around 8am to go to work for 9am. 

What’s the best thing about being a dressage rider?

The best thing definitely is the bond between the horse and the rider. Horse riding is pretty unique in that you are not able to communicate to your partner (the horse) in the same way that you can with a person. You can’t discuss tactics or explain movements easily. Therefore, it takes a lot of patience and a long time to develop trust. Once trust is there, it’s an incomparable, special feeling. 

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is either completing our first Grand Prix, on my 22nd birthday or winning our first national title in April this year. 

What’s been your experience of the PainPod so far?

I have found the PainPod really helpful, both for performance and recovery. Sitting at a desk most of the day hunched over a laptop often causes pain in the top of my neck. I quickly discovered that by using the PainPod Mi in the evening gets rid of these aches and pain straight away.

For performance when riding, I want my aids to be as even as possible. As we all have one side stronger than the other, I use the PainPod to target my weaker side, enabling me to still work out while off the horse. 

Izzy is looking forward to the remaining of the 2019 dressage season. If, like us at Results in Wellness, you would like to keep up to date with Izzy and Vinnie,  you can find her on Facebook and at

The PainPod

As Izzy briefly explained, she has been successfully using the PainPod Mi device for treating her every day pains and for improving her performance and recovery. To elaborate further, the portable easy to use and drug free PainPod is a TENS/EMS device with 12 treatments and 20 intensity settings. It even has an ‘acupuncture’ setting targeting both joint and muscle pain.  The PainPod Mi is tiny, ultra-lightweight and wearable all day, with a 10-hour micro-current painless treatment. The PainPod is one of the world’s most trusted and best-selling portable TENS/EMS devices, with over 12 Million devices sold worldwide.

If you feel after reading Izzy’s story you too might benefit from the PainPod Mi, whether it’s to relieve pain, speed your recovery or optimise your performance, you can purchase the PainPod by clicking on the following link:

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