Marvelous Mimi Anderson - a true female spirit of endurance with a ‘no limit attitude’ joins forces with Results in Wellness as a PainPod Brand Ambassador

Marvelous Mimi Anderson - a true female spirit of endurance with a ‘no limit attitude’ joins forces with Results in Wellness as a PainPod Brand Ambassador.

Results in Wellness have the great pleasure welcoming inspirational Marvellous Mimi Anderson, aged 57 and based in Kent, to their PainPod Brand Ambassadors team. Mimi’s identity is versatile. She is a worldwide respected extreme endurance athlete, a multiple Guinness World Record Holder, an anorexia nervosa conqueror, a motivational speaker, a charity fundraiser, a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. As well as a domestic goddess in her spare time!

Chatting with Mimi it becomes obvious very quickly why the name Marvellous Mimi does her every bit of justice. Mimi is down to earth, confident, easy to chat to, funny, honest and crystal clear about her goals and aspirations - no matter what the obstacle or challenge is.

It’s hard to believe that Mimi has battled anorexia for 15 years and once lacked confidence and self-esteem. However, it’s easy to be inspired by Mimi and her journey as well as understand how her story has touched many so far.

Mimi firmly believes that by tackling your fears and pushing boundaries to extraordinary limits, you will build your confidence and self-esteem. This way, Mimi claims, you will be able to overcome anything that life throws at you

Mimi’s unique experiences as a record breaking ultra-runner have given her a platform to become a much sought after motivational speaker. From corporate companies, where she talks about team-building, goal setting and how to develop a high-performance culture, to schools and groups all around the UK sharing her global adventures.

Mimi has proven time and time again that overcoming your fears, whatever they might be, is beneficial for your personal growth and happiness.

Despite only taking up running at the age of 36, as at the time she just wanted thinner legs due to anorexia, Mimi has taken part in numerous extreme endurance races all around the world.

To mention a few; the notorious 6633 Arctic Ultra in 2007, where Mimi ran a staggering 352 mile self sufficiency non-stop race in the Arctic and was the winner and course record holder of 143 hrs 23 mins, setting a course record that still stands.   Mimi set a world record in 2008 for running John O’Groats to Lands End (838 miles), and completed the Double Badwater in 2011 – she ran the 292 mile run in Death Valley (3rd fastest ever crossing).  In 2012 Mimi ran 345 miles from the top to the bottom of Ireland in only 3 days, 15 hrs and 36 mins and is the overall world record holder for M2M. Last year Mimi ran 2,217.2 miles across America in 40 days.  

There are way too many to mention them all here but be sure to check out her website where they are all well documented:

After her running career unfortunately had to come to an end due to an injury in 2018, Mimi decided to take on new challenges and is pushing herself to new limits with swimming and cycling. Mimi had a immense fear of swimming as she once saw her sister almost drown. When Mimi took up cycling, she initially hated it with a passion. Of course Mimi wouldn't be Marvellous Mimi if she didn't tackle her fear of swimming. Mimi has also learnt to love the ride on a bike and is now setting herself new challenges to keep on testing her mantra: “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible”.

What a marvellous phenomenon Mimi is indeed!

Hi Mimi, welcome on board! How have you experienced using the PainPod?

Absolutely brilliant! I have been using the PainPod mainly for recovery after training as I find it relaxes my sore and tight muscles. Recently I was involved in a serious bike accident. This left me with a painful fractured rib. I have been using the PainPod to eliminate the pain and found it very beneficial. I use the PainPod for between thirty minutes and an hour. I initially had to take painkillers for my injury. But thanks to the PainPod, not anymore.

What’s your experience with the Results in Wellness team?

The Results in Wellness team have been excellent. They provided me with lots of information and they are always on the end of the phone for a chat or advice. I discovered you have to experiment with the PainPod to find out what settings and pulses work best for you. A few days back I had a terrible headache. So I gave the PainPod a try instead of taking painkillers. By using the PainPod on my forehead for about half an hour the headache quickly disappeared.

What’s your experience using other pain /recovery methods before your started using the PainPod?

I used to go for regular sports massages. However its been ages now. I have been using the PainPod for about 3 or 4 months and it really aids me with recovery after training. I also find the PainPod helps me to relax too.

Would you be able to tell me a little bit more about your battle with anorexia and any advice you might have for others suffering with this condition?

I suffered in secret with anorexia for about 15 years. It started when I was 14 years old. After I miraculously gave birth to my first two children despite my weight being dangerously low, I realised I could no longer continue the way I was. I finally plucked up the courage to go to my GP. He was amazing. I had alternative therapies for over a year. Hypnotherapy was one of them. It no longer controls me. However, I believe it’s something you just learn to live with. Running has definitely helped me recover from anorexia. I see food as fuel now to take on new challenges, which in return has given me confidence, pride and made me a better all-round person.

My advice to someone suffering with this condition is to take the first step and open up to someone about it. Ask for help. I know it’s very scary to take that first step, but there really is fantastic help and support out there.

Tell me a little bit about your passions and what motivates you?

I am very driven and train 6 days a week. I get up quite early most days and go to the gym. When I was told I had to give up running back in 2018 it felt like a bereavement. I didn't do much for a few months but I came to terms with it and realised there is always an alternative. I decided to take up swimming and cycling. I always set myself new challenges with the questions: “Can I do it?”, and “What can I achieve?” Unfortunately my husband, who is my greatest supporter and always part of the running team, can’t join in with to cycling challenges. However, we found a solution and will be investing in an electric bike!

What’s in store for you next?

I am currently training with a friend for the Pacific Coast High Way this coming September. We will be cycling for 25 days and a total of 1848 miles. The luxury item I will be bringing along is definitely my PainPod! After that I am confident to find another challenge to push my boundaries to another level.

Results in Wellness would like to wish Mimi every bit of success with her upcoming cycling adventure in the USA.  If, like us, you are inspired by Marvellous Mimi’s adventures you can follow her at:




Mimi’s book “Beyond the Ultimate” is available to buy on Amazon.