Marvellous Mimi's West Coast adventure with the Painpod

Results in Wellness' brilliant PainPod ambassador has, once again, completed a 'marvelous' adventure! From Vancouver to the Mexican border, Mimi lived up to her name and cycled 1850 miles, all with her trusty luxury item in her back pocket, The PainPod

Mimi really is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a extreme endurance athlete, she is also a motivational speaker, multiple Guinness World Record holder, anorexia nervous conqueror,  charity fundraiser, daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. 

Mimi has proven time and time again that overcoming your fears, whatever they might be, is beneficial for your personal growth and happiness. Click back to her original blog post to read more about Mimi's background. 

In her latest challenge, Mimi was on the road for 25 days cycling the length of the Pacific Coast Highway. The shortest distance traveled in a day was 46 miles with the longest being 98 miles!!

This trip was never going to be without it's challenges though, food was hard to come by in the more remote areas meaning that Mimi and her friend were left hungry on numerous occasions!

Apart from the slight hunger though, Mimi had a fantastic trip, telling us that her highlight was riding along the Oregon Coast, where they saw Wales, Sea Lions and Elephant Seals just to name a few

I don't always use the PainPod for pain, I sometimes use it for recovery. It's a very, very good bit of kit.

Mimi also ensured that she brought along her trusty PainPod as her luxury item. Using Mode 4 on the PainPod for recovery as well as for the pain in her shoulders from cycling, Mimi enjoys this mode so much that it sometimes sends her to sleep! Luckily this didn't occur whilst she was still riding! Check out our 'Which mode is the mode for you?' blog post for more detailed information on the various modes

Mimi is already looking for her next challenge, and we are sure that the trusty PainPod will be at the top of her list to bring with! We will of course be keeping you up to date with all of Mimi's adventures but to follow along yourself, Mimi is externally active on Instagram. Watch the video below for a full description of the trip by the one and only Marvellous Mimi herself, with the PainPod making a guest appearance!

Well done Mimi! We can't wait to see what you've got planned for next time!