Results in Wellness Affiliate Programme

The world’s best-selling physical therapy device is the pioneering portable PainPod 3 . It delivers the latest advances in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science via adhesive pads you can apply anywhere on the skin.

Its even more compact companion, the discreet, ultra-wearable PainPod Mi , is a great solution for localised pain relief and therapy on the go.

Then there are PainPod’s conductive therapy accessories for use with PainPod 3. You can choose the belt, gloves, socks or shoes to evenly distribute PainPod’s healing frequencies to your back, hands, legs or feet. Highly effective for improving muscle recovery, boosting circulation and administering pain relief.

Our affiliate programme is your chance to join us in our quest against pain, whilst earning yourself some extra spending money. 

For each recommendation you will receive 15% commission paid at month end.

You will also have the ability to provide your recommendation with a 5% discount voucher to be redeemed at checkout only via the Results In Wellness online shop.