The Amazing Mareen Hufe Joins the List of Inspirational PainPod Ambassadors

The Amazing Mareen Hufe Joins the List of Inspirational PainPod Ambassadors

Results and Wellness would like to introduce you to our most recent member of our team of impressive and inspirational PainPod Brand Ambassadors.

Our impressive list includes Paralympic table tennis champion Will Bayley, whom you can currently find on BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’; Inspirational ultra-runner Marvellous Mimi, who has just finished her 1848 mile/25-day journey along The Pacific Coast High Way on a bicycle.  Josh Llewellyn-Jones OBE - the extreme sports athlete and Cystic Fibrosis (CF) advocate and fundraiser, renowned for smashing Guinness World Records despite living with CF himself. And now we welcome, Mareen Hufe, the extraordinary Ironman triathlete.

Mareen, born, raised and based in Germany, started her Triathlon journey back in 2006 after a running friend gave her a book about triathlons. After a while, Mareen set herself the goal of participating in her first Ironman triathlon. 

Ironman is globally acknowledged as one of the most challenging and difficult triathlon events in the world. However, Mareen is one of those exceptionally determined individuals and when she sets her mind to a task, nothing will stop her. As a consequence, her journey of dedicated training began, resulting in Mareen finishing the June 2007 Ironman in just under 11 hours. 

The moment Mareen crossed the Ironman finish line was also the moment she became a true triathlon addict. Taking on new triathlon challenges became her passion and ambition.

Improving year after year with admirable victories, Mareen left the amateur triathlons behind in 2011. Since then, she has committed herself to the professional world, with impressive results, specializing in long distance. Her personal best time standing at 8 hours 57 minutes.

Over the past two years Mareen has been successfully using the PainPod on a regular basis, like many other athletes worldwide. The compact device uses TENS and EMS technology and has been proven to block pain, speed recovery and increase performance levels with 12 easy to use and scientifically developed therapy modes. 

Catching up with Mareen between her hectic training schedule in Fuerteventura, we had a chance to find out how she uses her trusted PainPod device and what’s in store for her next. 

What does a typical day in the life of a professional triathlete looks like? 

My day to day life can be quite a juggle between work, training and recovering sessions. I have been able to cut my work hours down since turning a professional triathlete. Usually on a training day, I start my day with two training sessions in the morning. Followed by a nap before going to work. I then have a third training session in the evening. Monday and Friday are my recovery days, during which I spend more time at the office.

What’s your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest achievement was talking part in the Hawaii Ironman World Championship in 2011. This is classed as the most important race in the triathlon world. I was overjoyed when I won my age group (30-35). Winning this triathlon was also the decisive moment where I ventured into the professional triathlon league. Other achievements I am very proud of are becoming 1st at the Ironman in Austria and Malaysia, both in 2018.

What’s your experience using other pain /recovery methods before your started using the PainPod? How have you experienced the PainPod so far?

I started using the PainPod about 2 years ago. Previously I didn’t use any methods for pain or recovery. Now I can’t imagine life without the PainPod. It comes with me wherever Ironman takes me in the world. The PainPod has become part of my everyday life.

Would you recommend the PainPod to fellow athletes? If yes, why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the PainPod to fellow athletes! I personally have experienced the muscles recovering quicker when using the PainPod regularly after training sessions or before a performance. The PainPod also helps me to get the body ready for the next training session. I found the device is very beneficial for those tight body parts and will help to mobilise the body. On top of that, the PainPod can be used on those special pained areas for quick pain release without having to reach for painkillers.

What’s next in store for you?

I've just finished the Ironman in Italy, which took place on the 21st this Month. I finished third in 09:02 hours. My next Ironman challenge will be in Hawaii on the 12th October. My website has all the details where my next Ironman challenges in the world will take place. I welcome anyone to follow my triathlon journey on Facebook and Instagram.