The PainPod for Pain Management – Why Francis Loves the PainPod

The PainPod for Pain Management – Why Francis Loves the PainPod

We were delighted to hear that a recent customer loved the PainPod so much, she included it in a blog post about her pain management and reached out to us to share her positive experience!

Frances lives in Shetland and is a keen rider. She recuses ponies and horses and loves photography. She is currently recovering from spinal surgery and also suffers with sciatica. We are so pleased that the PainPod is helping her manage her pain.

“During the day time I use a Painpod – a portable “physical therapy medical device”. Like a tens machine, but much, much better. For my back, I wear a kidney shaped pad on my lower spine attached to my small machine that electronically blips, tweaks and squeezes all day long. I can change the settings according to my pain needs. Brilliant for sciatica and has seen me through many desperate times. I can spend my day feeling capable and happy without thinking “I hurt, therefore I am”. This machine is worth every penny to buy, easy and cheap to run (charges off a USB port), while efficient and discreet. I love it and happily showed it my Consultant who was very interested. I cannot rate the Painpod highly enough. It changed my life. They are also a very helpful company to deal with.”

Click here to read the full blog post about how Frances manages her pain: Blog post

How to purchase your PainPod 3?

If like many of our satisfied clients worldwide, you too like to take a pro-active approach to maintain your health and wellbeing, Results in Wellness is the home to turn to.

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