Which mode is the mode for you - The PainPod

Which mode is the mode for you? The PainPod 3

From cupping to acupuncture to reflexology, The PainPod has a mode for all your aches, pains and training needs. Finding the right mode, or combination of modes, is completely down to your preferences and what works for your body. But with 12 to choose from, we wanted to would provide you with a rundown of each mode, and what each is designed to do. 

Mode 1 - Pushing

This is the push and release setting which mimics the sensation of a gentle massage. This is most popular for relieving tension caused by general aches and pains

Mode 2 - Acupuncture

Inspired by the sensation achieved in Chinese pressure point science, this mode is focused on relieving acute pain around the body. It is particularly effective at alleviating muscular and joint pain.

Mode 3 - Tapping

This is a deep tissue massage mode giving off a solid tap sensation which is useful for relieving pain, loosing adhesion and improving micro-circulation. It is generally used at a lower intensity level to avoid muscle overstimulation

Mode 4 - Cupping

The cupping mode is a drawing up pulse which will pull the muscle and release to imitate the sensation of Chinese cupping massage. This mode draws blood to the surface of the affected area and is useful for relaxing muscles and cramps, particularly in the upper back area.

Mode 5 - Foot Massage

This mode is to be used in conjunction with the PainPod massage shoes, gloves and socks. When applied to the feet and hands, the reflex areas are stimulated which can then transfer relation and pain relief to various parts of the body through verve conduction. This mode promotes overall health in addition to providing a relaxing foot or hand massage.

Mode 6 - Unwind

Starting in a short deep pulse and building to a more drawn out and easing vibration, this is a soothing massage sensation which is ideal for easing joints and other cramped areas. Using this mode on certain pressure points also promotes blood circulation

Mode 7 - Reflexology 

The effect of this sensation stimulates various points on the body which improves function and promotes healing

Mode 8 - Kneading 

Promoting overall body strength and wellbeing, this series of short and steady pulses is helpful in activating and improving circulation when placed at any problem areas.

                                          Mode 9 -Face Massage 

This is a massage mode which can promote facial blood circulation, firming facial skin and pulling facial lines

Mode 10 - Combination Relaxation

Designed to stimulate muscles and release tension in a way most similar to traditional massage, this is a mode which cycles through sensations and alternates pulse intensities from light to heavy.

Mode 11 - Calorie Consumption

This is passive exercise mode which cycles through a number of sensations including toning movements to simulate the feeling of muscle exertion without inducing fatigue. Used in conjunction with regular exercise or simple movement, this mode helps the body stay healthier and assists in speeding up the calorie loss process.

Mode 12 - Tapping and Kneading Combination

Two popular massage modes are combined and alternate intermittently for effective pain relief through varied sensations

For best results, we suggest that you initially experiment using each of the modes. The most appropriate mode or combination to use is whichever ones produce the most desirable sensations or greatest levels of comfort.

The ‘Intensity’ setting should be at a level where you can feel some muscular vibration and involuntary muscle movements. The sensation should be strong yet comfortable and should not be painful.