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The PainPod Bio Socks are especially effective for foot, ankle, and lower leg stimulation.

The PainPod® Bio Socks work by connecting to the PainPod via electrode wires to stimulate the foot and lower limb. PainPod proprietary BioElectrical treatment formulations are applied through the Bio Sock to increase circulation, reduce the occurrence of cramps and relieve pain.

Painpod bio SOcks are ideal FOR:

Poor Circulation

Ankle Pain

Heel Pain

Foot Pain

Fluid Retention

Cramps & Sprains

The Bio Socks are lightweight with a compression fit. The material has been woven with conductive thread and a stretch material.


  • One size fits most

Included in the box:

  • 1 Pair of PainPod Bio Socks
  • 1 Set of Electrode Wires

When treating your legs and feet with the PainPod Bio Socks, do not use dual ports. Bio Socks can be used as a pair. No PainPod pads or accessories are to be used directly on open sores.