The PainPod Freedom Bundle for Diabetes

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This excellent bundle includes:

  • 1 x PainPod® 3 (full box and accessories)
  • 1 x PainPod® Foot Pads
  • 1 x PainPod® Gloves


    PainPod® 3: The Latest Generation In A Long Line Of Industry Leading Medical Devices

    Now the PainPod® 3 combines the very best of previous PainPod® devices with the latest scientific breakthroughs in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science, to give you a complete Pain, Recovery and Performance solution in the palm of your hand.


    The PainPod® Foot Pads.

    The Foot Pads, used in conjunction with the PainPod®, are a drug-free, highly effective option and are available worldwide. PainPod®’s special Foot Pads harness the power of the PainPod® to provide analgesic pain relief, enhance muscle movement and assists to reduce stress levels through massage.


    The PainPod® Bio Gloves.

    The PainPod® Bio Gloves are woven with gentle conductive fibres aimed to provide stimulation from the PainPod® to the entire hand and wrist.

    The lightweight and comfortable PainPod® Bio Gloves are made from stretchable materials to fit hands of all shapes and sizes. They have a large conductivity area; providing excellent treatment distribution.